celebrate the earth with ThredUp and Polarn O. Pyret

I love nothing more that upcycling, recycling, and trying our hardest to be more green every single day.
Reselling your childrens (and your own!) gently used, outgrown clothes is a simple step you can take to give back to our planet while earning credit towards Polarn O. Pyret clothing--my absolute favorite!

By sending your pre-loved clothing to Polarn O. Pyret they will sell them through thredUp--which is like an online consignment shop of sorts. To receive Polarn O. Pyret credits you need to contact them directly via email at thredup@polarnopyretusa.com and they will send you as many free pre-paid bags you'd like---each bag will fit up to 10lbs of clothing, which is roughly equal to a laundry basket full. You can also receive free bags through the thredUp site--I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to earn credits for brand new POP clothing! You can also cash out your money--you will need a PayPal account and there's a small fee to do so but either way you are getting cash for clothes you have no more use for and someone else will be able to get some love out of them as well!

If you go here, you can sign up for thredUP. By visiting from this link, when you first buy something, you get $10 off for using that link. 
(Use the link because it gives you $10 off, which I don't think can be beat because the prices are already pretty good!)

Now you have an excellent way to get a jump start on spring cleaning and stock up on clothing for next season!

Happy Earth Day!


Huxley's 3rd Birthday (only a couple months late...)

It was such chaos and madness I didn't even think I got any shots of Huxley's Pirate Party until I was going through my camera! We had SO much snow it took Daddy over two hours to blow out the maze for the "Treasure Hunt" out back, which I thought would be fun to have a dotted red line to follow like on all treasure maps--well, it looked more like a murder scene than a map. The snow was so deep the kids were out there for 2 minutes, found their booty and ran inside. 

It was such a blast having little people there to celebrate with us--yet another reason we are so happy we made the move up north! Thankfully the snow is finally melting and spring may actually be around the corner--which is a good thing because we have an amazing Spring Feature + Giveaway coming at you next week!

love to all,


Eight month Ellis

Ellis is almost nine months old & I actually can believe it!
She's huge! 
This chunk-a-lunk eats anything and everything she can get her sticky mits on. Although she is close to walking Ellis prefers crawling as it's much faster. 
She's mastered clapping, babbling, picking up tiny bits of food, and the tambourine.
Yes, this girl can shake it!
Love to dance! Especially to Jerry Lee Lewis, "Great Balls of Fire", the song from Madagascar "Move It"--anything upbeat and swingy. 

Huxley is starting to get a little envious of his baby sister since she demands to be held 98% of the day.
I make sure to snuggle him whenever I get the chance--if he had it his way it'd be 98% of the day.

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Parents.com Kid(s) of the Week!

Hi! It's been awhile since I've asked for your vote since we no longer are affiliated with Topbabyblogs.com, but I entered Hux & Lulu in Parents.com Kid of the Week and this month's theme was "Style". 

If you could take a moment to vote for our sweet babes that would mean the world to us--there is a $200 prize up for grabs and we could totally use that money--I mean, who wouldn't want a little cash money?!

Sorry for the never ending quiet. We have had bug after bug in our home. It's just been nuts.
I think I will have some time later this week to properly come on here and post a really fun giveaway, and next month there will be an EPIC giveaway for all your littles Easter baskets!

Stay tuned, 
until then, links are below for voting!
Thanks in advance.


Bunny Fluff Popcorn!!

On the fly we made a little Eastery treat after lunch--it was super easy, and fun for Huxley to help mix up with Mama--we called it Bunny Fluff Popcorn!

All you do is make some stovetop popcorn, I used coconut oil--add in a little bit of sugar and pop your popcorn. Then I heated up some white chocolate chips, and when the popcorn was ready I stirred it all together with sprinkles, coconut flakes, and marshmallows--so yum--feeling like I need to schedule a Dentist appointment...just a little goes a long way!


[sorry for being so quiet over here...we're smack dab in the middle of teething & potty training...have a lot of fun features coming up so keep checking back!]


& then there's this one...

Huxley keeps us on our toes.
24/7 this boy is. 
He loves holding his Baby Sister, watching Kipper the Dog, playing on his iPad, helping cook, puzzles (seriously, like 25+ piece puzzles), coloring, making snowmen, and snuggling Daddy.
He's almost completely potty trained too, which is awesome. 
Stepping in puddles of pee...not so awesome.
He also has a really cool "Gotta pee but don't want to stop doing what I'm doing" dance.
I hope to catch it on video so I have leverage when he is sixteen and has a girlfriend. 

Hux, our sweet Wild Child.
We love him so.


seven month young lady

[Ellis is rocking her headband c/o Miss Ainsley Mae & Leather Collar c/o Mina Loves Bows]

Ellis June is astounding.

The way she has grown over the past seven months is absolutely mind boggling!
She's been eating like a champ since around 5 months, and is going "baby-led weaning" where she's eating what we eat, and hasn't had any issues at all! When Hux was a babe he'd choke and gag on the tiniest chunks in his puree. The differences between the two is night & day. 
Ellis has been trying earnestly to stand up. She so desperately wants to walk, but is a very quick crawler, and is fearless when it comes to the stairs--so we keep an every close eye on that little dumpling, all the time. 

The kids have been struggling with nap time lately--Huxley wakes Ellis up from hers, and refuses to go down himself, leaving Mama at her wits end around 2pm daily. Then out of no where they both konk out and I am left thinking, "Oh, that wasn't so bad."

It's not so bad. They're the cutest, funniest little duo. We love them beyond the moon.



Happy Heart Day (Giveaway winners announced!)

We hope you are having a chocolate covered lovey dovey mushy gushy awesome and amazing Valentine's Day!

We spent ours at the doctor, sorting out new options for Mama's ongoing post-cesarean pain issues. Joy, oh joy! 
I did however, get a really sweet Valentine made by Huxley, and an in-home massage while Daddy took care of the babes. Twas, phenomenal.

Thank you to everyone who entered to win the major Valentine's Day Giveaway, and to all the shops and businesses that worked with us. It was quite epic! So many new faces, and we hope you stick around to see what's in store next! 

Without any further adieu, the Flying Hearts Giveaway winner was Kelley Dunlop! Congrats! Shoot me an email to huxandlulu@gmail.com to claim your prizes! 

I also had to draw the winner for the Gilt.com giveaway still, sorry about that---life has been knocking me sideways lately, the winner of the $100 Gilt credit was MA Ruthie MD, whoop! Congrats! Shoot an email to huxandlulu@gmail.com to claim your prize



Funky Legs, McGee.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a pretty big clothes snob when it comes to dressing my babes--that is, when they do get dressed, because geez Louise, Huxley is not a fan of clothing. This boy is happier than anything buck naked all day long, even if the house is set to a cooler temp. So that being said, when he does rock his clothes, he rocks them well.

We were sent some ridiculously rad items from Funky-Legs. They hit the mark with their designs, especially these harem style leggings for Hux. The design is awesome, with the neon drawstring detail? Simply perfection. Funky-Legs are so snuggly, made with only the finest quality fabrics and designs that will set your kid apart from all the rest on their play-date. I also love to pack these as a back-up pair when we are out for special occasions and he's in slacks, these are my go-to 'ride home comfies'.

Ellis also got a really awesome pair of tights but she hasn't quite grown into them yet--she will model them soon for you all! Until then, go and check out Funky-Leg's website and order your little some stylin' legwear today!



Flying Hearts Everywhere Giveaway!!

This has to be my favorite time of the New Year.
Reds and pinks and pretty little hearts everywhere.
Love stained intentions.
Mushy gushy sentimentality.
Sweet gifts and day totally dedicated to being lovely dovey.
Although everyday should be Valentine's Day, let's face it...sometimes it's just not so.
Being parents makes it kind of tricky to be romantic and set aside time for eachother. At the end of the day being covered in boogers, spit up and God knows what else, it's not really in the cards, ya know? And I can't even tell you the last time we had a date, unless you count our time spent in the hospital with just Ellis. No, that definitely doesn't count.

So here's to you Mamas--A major Valentine's Giveaway to all of you multi-tasking beauties, managing to raise your babes, and keep your mister's eyes full of flying hearts and arrows. 

An overwhelming number of beyond fabulous Etsy & small biz Mamas have joined together with our blog to bring you the best "Handmade Valentine" in the world! Here's the round up of the insanely talented creators & their oh so lovely prizes:

 Winner's choice of TWO pairs of moccasins
Feather and Filly
A pair of Berry Red moccasins
Forrest and Fawn
 Winner's choice of one pair of booties
Riglee Mae
Winners choice of moccasins
Turtlz Turtlz
Moccasins of winner's choice
Winner's choice of moccs
Sahnda Marie Kids
Set of Valentine's booties & headband
Wren and James
A pair of the strawberry knit leggings
Ryder and Rhenn
 Winner's choice of one pair of leggings

Maisie Jayne
Winner's choice of leggings
The Sprouted Arrow
Winner's choice of one pair of leggings

Lil Peaces
 Leggings of winner's choice
LuluLuvs- $25 shop credit
Mina Loves Bows
$20 shop credit
My Little Sunshine BB
Turban of winner's choice
Juniper Wilde
Blanket of winner's choice
Little Peeps Closet
 Knit collar
Out of Alabaster
Custom silhouette portrait
Agent Hipster Fox
 A Valentine's Fox (Winner's choice of bowtie or bow)
Alexandra Rose- A teething ring of winner's choice
Knock Knock Shoppe- $20 shop credit
Olive and Birdie
Onesie of winner's choice
Hip Friday
Set of 'Good Morning Gorgeous' & 'Hello There Handsome' Pillow Covers
Little Cowboys and Indians
Bandana Bib of Winner's choice
Miss Ainsley Mae
$20 shop credit
Bub and Bug Studio
 A glitter bow of winner's choice
Southern Adoornments
$20 shop credit
Rayna Jaye
 Turban of winner's choice
Potluck Store
 $15 shop credit
Butterfly Kisses Co.
Set of 3 bandana bibs of winner's choice
The Little Design Co.
$20 shop credit
Little Kate Designs
Winner's choice of headband or bow
So Awesome Wallet Cards
 A set of Go! and Color &Shape wallet cards

How to enter this insane giveaway? Visit each shop via links to their Etsy & websites then come back and comment on one of your favorite items that you'd like to win!

Other ways to enter (comment for every entry & one entry per each!)..
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*Giveaway will end on February 10th, winner will be chosen via random.org*