And to all a very merry merry Christmas!

Thank you to Mad Bomber for the snuggly warm & adorable Bombers!

We are all dreaming of sugar cookies & dancing minions...
(well, I know Huxley is for sure!) 
Mama is up to her ears in wrapping paper, ribbon & bows, and Daddy is working his tail off trying to keep our roof on (we had 45mph winds all night and into the day here in Northern Michigan). Pretty bummed it won't be a white Christmas, but also thankful to not have to be blowing snow everyday!

All I want for Christmas is our family & friends to be healthy, and happy and know they are loved.
That truly is the best gift there is & I wish it for every one of you as well.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


the era of the Milk Trucks has come to an end...

So, I know I've been distant.
I've been quiet, and avoiding you.
It is not you it is me.

Life has been just ass-kicking me and blogging about it would just be total Debbie-Downer drivel that no one wants to hear. 

You want cute photos of our edible children.
To know they're growing way too fast, & are outsmarting us on pretty much everything.

(Jesus, give us strength.)

We are all well, just got our first snow. 
Kids=super duper stoked
Parents=not so much stoked on the 20 minutes of bundling & unbundling for 4 minutes of outside play...

Huxley is almost 5, going on 25 and I have a series of blogs to come on him and his mind-blowing intellect. 

Ellis, is 2 1/2 and is keeping up with Hux in all things, and it is scaring the living daylights out of both mama and daddy. Slow. Down. Child. 
She is finally sleeping in her own bed, and is slowly but surely weaning from the "babas", which
as most extended breastfeeding mama's can relate is both joyous and incredibly bittersweet. Especially since she will most likely be the last to enter our tribe via my womb. 
(We've been praying on Foster Parenting/Adopting, but that is long down the road, my friends.)

Here we are, just doing our day by day routines. 
Growing little people, tending their souls, and crossing fingers & toes and praying to God that we are molding exceptional members of society.
We hope that you are well, and please drop us a line!

Have been meaning to get a fun giveaway together but like I said...struggling over here!! Soon! I promise! 



It's going on again! Kate Quinn Semi-Annual $10 Sale!

One of our favorite clothing lines, Kate Quinn, is having another semiannual $10 sale!
We love stocking up on basics and fun pieces to add to our wardrobes---hurry and grab some cute styles while supplies last!


a little (late) love.

Oh, wow do I ever stink at blogging! 
It is honestly always something over here--this time we were knocked sideways with Influenza, thank you preschool!

Our Valentine's Day was spent huddled in bed with fevers, aches and general ick. Two weeks later we are just know starting to feel like our normal selves again. I swear, I tried everything the moment I felt the crud creeping up on us--I even went so far as to put onion peels in our socks overnight (um...YUCK...will never do that again.)

Along with the gross onion trick that didn't seem to work I was diffusing essential oils, rubbing the bottoms of feet with Thieves Oil & lavender. Eventually we kind of just surrendered to the sickness and let it take it's long horrible course.

I was just at my computer & saw these darling photos from a little shoot we did and simply had to share as well as say a quick "hello, I know I suck, but I still love you!".

be well. 




I'll be honest---I really stink at blogging.
It's been super hard to prioritize sitting down and writing out our day to day or thoughts from my Mombie brain. 

Definitely doesn't help when we keep getting knocked sideways with some form of flu, cold, sickness or injury. Which is where we are at this weekend. Buried under mountains of tissues, lost in the haze of our humidifier. 

I truly am sorry. This once was a haven to me and I cherished sharing our little tribe with you, and I promise to work on carving more time out to come here and post photos of our little brown eyed dream babies.

Until then we wish you health & a full night's sleep. 



New Baby, New Year Kate Quinn Sale!


Happy 2015, lovelies!
Cannot believe another year has turned over & Huxley will be FOUR this month. Insanity.

Anyways, as you already may know--we adore Kate Quinn---we couldn't resist sharing the news of this amazing sale going on throughout the month of January!
Hurry & shop...items go quick!




These photos sum them up nicely.

Wishing all a healthy, happy, joyous, peaceful & productive 2015.


Christmas unwrapping madness!

Just a tiny glimpse of the magic that was our Christmas morning this year.
We hope yours was full of love & cheer.


A Minted Merry Christmas!

 'Tis the season to be scrambling to snap that perfect shot of your babe surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, or your annual family tree cutting, but this year instead of printing your photos haphazardly at your local One-Hour how about choosing one of the many delicious designs at Minted?!

I could literally spend days oogling through the beautiful designs of all different & unique styles, shapes and colors trying to find just the right vibe to go with our family shots this year. Which was definitely a unique experience in and of itself! Miss Ellis is cutting not one, not two but four molars & to top that off came down with her first stomach bug--the poor Pooks. She's been snuggling, sleeping and nursing on Mama all weekend...it's like having a giant newborn!

Still hunting for a funky, fun & artsy gift? Minted has some amazing prints that would look so fab in an office, nursery, living room, etc etc.

Go & see for yourself---prepare to spend a few hours (days.) checking out all the goodness!
Here are my top three faves...

Here's to getting those cards out on time this year & I so desperately hope your family photo shoot goes far better than ours!



Kate Quinn Semiannual $10 Sale!

Do you see the cuteness!? 
What are you still doing here?? Go! Run! Shop! Such an amazing deal on one of our most favorite brands!



Our growing girl.

Miss Ellis June has been totally dominating the growth percentages---at 99% for height, and 80+ for head & weight she is catching up to Huxley at a pretty fast rate!

She's also exploring words and has started to talk a LOT lately mastering the words "ball" "hat" "pumpkin" "more" "button" and "mama" & "dada". 

Ellis loves to paint, play dress up, climb into things, play hide & seek, go for hikes and swim in the pool---she is a little fishie & completely fearless when it comes to putting her head underwater and kick and swim solo (with a life vest and parent nearby of course). 

We are always giggling at the new silly things this sweet girl does on the daily-- our little clown, and we couldn't be any more fond of her!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and send lots of love!