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Our growing girl.

Miss Ellis June has been totally dominating the growth percentages---at 99% for height, and 80+ for head & weight she is catching up to Huxley at a pretty fast rate!

She's also exploring words and has started to talk a LOT lately mastering the words "ball" "hat" "pumpkin" "more" "button" and "mama" & "dada". 

Ellis loves to paint, play dress up, climb into things, play hide & seek, go for hikes and swim in the pool---she is a little fishie & completely fearless when it comes to putting her head underwater and kick and swim solo (with a life vest and parent nearby of course). 

We are always giggling at the new silly things this sweet girl does on the daily-- our little clown, and we couldn't be any more fond of her!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and send lots of love!



these two.

These two have such a bond.
Right from the beginning they were smitten with each other. 
I am definitely not saying that they're perfect and never fight. Oh, they fight, and scream and sometimes Huxley isn't nice at all to Baby Sister, but at the end of the day they give hugs and kisses until my heart tears at the seams.

It's been so amazing to watch their relationship grow and I can only imagine how good of friends they'll be when they are older. I'm so thankful that they have on another---there really is nothing like the love of a sibling. It's unconditional.

We hope you had a magical weekend filled with hugs and kisses and lots of toothy smiles.



our one year old little lady.

It's been one crazy year!
Two kids are no joke, and add on to that recovering from not one but two abdominal surgeries and you have a seriously interesting situation.

But, we've survived so far! & Ellis is just the sweetest little lady. Talking, walking, loving her baby dolls and driving her Power Wheel! She also is a total diva--loves her toe nails painted, putting on necklaces and head bands and getting all prettied up. 

I apologize for letting the blog get so dusty-- it has been a struggle for me to find time to sneak away and update but I promise I will be posting an awesome giveaway soon (it was supposed to be a Spring Feature if that gives you an idea of how behind I am!)

Hope all is shiny and beautiful on your side of the screen.



a little hello.

Hello! We missed you all so very much, and I hate to keep apologizing for my lack of blogging, but life is moving at warped speed and I am struggling to find time to myself to sit and post about all the happenings in our little world.

Can you believe that Ellis will be a one year old next Sunday?! Neither can we. It was the fastest year of my life! 

She is such a little card, seriously has the best sense of humor this little girl. Ellis is also a water baby--we took her to the lake yesterday and she wanted to swim all on her own so very badly. It makes me so happy to see both her and Huxley enjoying what Michigan has to offer, and I am so thankful we made the move here.

We hope you all are well--and I will be posting soon---I owe you a fun giveaway and hope to have that up next week...until then,



a memorable Memorial.

I will catch up with words one day.
Until then photos will have to do.


(Will be posting a fundraiser for the Saldana family this week, stay tuned--it will be the most special even ever to grace this blog.)


celebrate the earth with ThredUp and Polarn O. Pyret

I love nothing more that upcycling, recycling, and trying our hardest to be more green every single day.
Reselling your childrens (and your own!) gently used, outgrown clothes is a simple step you can take to give back to our planet while earning credit towards Polarn O. Pyret clothing--my absolute favorite!

By sending your pre-loved clothing to Polarn O. Pyret they will sell them through thredUp--which is like an online consignment shop of sorts. To receive Polarn O. Pyret credits you need to contact them directly via email at thredup@polarnopyretusa.com and they will send you as many free pre-paid bags you'd like---each bag will fit up to 10lbs of clothing, which is roughly equal to a laundry basket full. You can also receive free bags through the thredUp site--I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to earn credits for brand new POP clothing! You can also cash out your money--you will need a PayPal account and there's a small fee to do so but either way you are getting cash for clothes you have no more use for and someone else will be able to get some love out of them as well!

If you go here, you can sign up for thredUP. By visiting from this link, when you first buy something, you get $10 off for using that link. 
(Use the link because it gives you $10 off, which I don't think can be beat because the prices are already pretty good!)

Now you have an excellent way to get a jump start on spring cleaning and stock up on clothing for next season!

Happy Earth Day!


Huxley's 3rd Birthday (only a couple months late...)

It was such chaos and madness I didn't even think I got any shots of Huxley's Pirate Party until I was going through my camera! We had SO much snow it took Daddy over two hours to blow out the maze for the "Treasure Hunt" out back, which I thought would be fun to have a dotted red line to follow like on all treasure maps--well, it looked more like a murder scene than a map. The snow was so deep the kids were out there for 2 minutes, found their booty and ran inside. 

It was such a blast having little people there to celebrate with us--yet another reason we are so happy we made the move up north! Thankfully the snow is finally melting and spring may actually be around the corner--which is a good thing because we have an amazing Spring Feature + Giveaway coming at you next week!

love to all,


Eight month Ellis

Ellis is almost nine months old & I actually can believe it!
She's huge! 
This chunk-a-lunk eats anything and everything she can get her sticky mits on. Although she is close to walking Ellis prefers crawling as it's much faster. 
She's mastered clapping, babbling, picking up tiny bits of food, and the tambourine.
Yes, this girl can shake it!
Love to dance! Especially to Jerry Lee Lewis, "Great Balls of Fire", the song from Madagascar "Move It"--anything upbeat and swingy. 

Huxley is starting to get a little envious of his baby sister since she demands to be held 98% of the day.
I make sure to snuggle him whenever I get the chance--if he had it his way it'd be 98% of the day.

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Parents.com Kid(s) of the Week!

Hi! It's been awhile since I've asked for your vote since we no longer are affiliated with Topbabyblogs.com, but I entered Hux & Lulu in Parents.com Kid of the Week and this month's theme was "Style". 

If you could take a moment to vote for our sweet babes that would mean the world to us--there is a $200 prize up for grabs and we could totally use that money--I mean, who wouldn't want a little cash money?!

Sorry for the never ending quiet. We have had bug after bug in our home. It's just been nuts.
I think I will have some time later this week to properly come on here and post a really fun giveaway, and next month there will be an EPIC giveaway for all your littles Easter baskets!

Stay tuned, 
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Thanks in advance.